Cousin’s Marriage

After 10 long year’s I went back to my home town for my big brother’s (cousin) marriage. It was fun. The biggest surprise was my adorable little cousins grew up to become such annoying brats. I literally had to ask my best friend to hire a lawyer for me, I might have ended up annihilating one or two of them. Especially my female cousins one of them is like a gangster and the other’s a crybaby. Either of them never failed to piss me off.image

Even though all my cousins including my very own little brother managed to royally piss me off, we still had our moments of fun.

Like at the night of my cousin’s reception we all danced together. During the dinner we all cracked jokes and laughed together. Late night walks eating ‘gol gappas‘ and ‘egg rolls‘. We got to eat a lot. And acting like devoted god’s servants just to escape punishments. Teasing the newly married couple. We actually pulled panchali (mahabhratha) joke on our sister in law.

We used to go for early morning walks with our aunt. Once we went near railway tracks it’s really peaceful there during early mornings.


The best moment was when we played with water. Well we were actually suppose to was the clothes but we somehow ended up having a water fight.


That’s a different thing that later we were scolded for wasting so much water by our grandpa. My biggest achievement was talking my big brother into turning chummy with my sister in law and getting away with.bf28ab32733a5d255c68b91166608004


He might sue me if he ever finds out about me pasting this photo here. Well that is if he ever finds out which is not happening any tine soon lol. Best thing that happend to me during this visit was I turned from a vegetarian to non- vegetarian after ten long years.The happiest day of my life hehe. I don’t know when I’ll go back there again but a great person said:

When there’s a will there’s a way.

And the worst thing was the blisters on my feet I got from wearing stupid sandals.



I know I’m a little to late for this but still.

Happy valentines day

I was watching this anime Katekyo Hitman Reborn. It’s an amazing anime. Especially the character development of the protagonist Sawad Tsunayoshi is nice.

Though my favorite characters turn out to be Hibari Kyoya and favoutite couple is Gokudera and Haru.

So I just couldn’t stop myself from painting them.


What if


Sakura Haruno and Hinata Hyuga are some of my favorite characters. I really wanted to see them as a pair .since they both share a bond in a different way.I like gender bender genre but I’m not a fan of yuri.

Though it’s not cannon. There’s nothing wrong with letting my imagination run wild.

Love can be found in very unexpected places.

Have a nice day.

Indian Gods

indian godsYes Indian gods well if you are thinking about lord Shiva or lord Vishnu then I’m sorry to disappoint you I m not talking bout them. Well actually I’m talking about Engineers and doctors.

Shocking right.

Well what I basically mean is this is the mentality of most of the Indian parents. According to them their children should either become an engineer or a doctor.They think these are the two most  respectable job their children must pursue. Most people do not think very highly of other work  in other fields such as photography, Music ,arts ,sports etc.They look down upon the people who took career options which our society is unaware of.

There was this incident not long ago I was traveling to go back to my parents house for vacation. It was during my first year of collage.I was travelling through train. There was this middle man sitting across me. We had a little conversation then that man suddenly asked me the billion dollar question. I’m sure most of the people would have already figured it out by now .

Well the question was .

What are you studying engineering or medical?

Seriously,what kind of question is that? Well I had to take another train the same evening. There I met a nice elderly couple. Who happened to “coincidentally” asked me the same question and that wasn’t the  end of it. I’ve been asked same questions by my  relatives, Uncles and aunties from the neighborhood ,family friends and not to mention random people same as earlier.

After I completed my P.U.C. I was the only on who decided not to take engineering or medical as career option. So my parents, uncles and aunties never leave the opportunities to make me realizes what a big mistake I have made.Telling me the tales of the sons of those who are studying or how this guys daughter got admission in that amazing medical collage.Even my parents and grandfather sometime show how unhappy they are from my choice of career .I have seen my friends in the same situation.

I can even imagine them worshiping them as if they are god themselves.

I’m sure every parent want a good future for their children and I have nothing against engineers or doctors.

It’s rather frustrating just because people a don’t have much awareness of something they try their hardest to avoid it instead of trying to know more about it. They would rather remain ignorant than try to gather more knowledge.

I just wish the best for people like me out there.





My Knight

knigh3When I made this painting  I was reading this c-novel(A mistaken marriage match: A generation of military counselor)the female protagonist Gu Yun was in my mind. I like the concept of strong women. Well after all like people say :

A woman have to be strong in order to survive.

I really admire strong women like my mom and my best friend they are determined , witty , wise and most importantly kind i.e very unlike me.At times I actually wonder if I’m her her daughter and it’s actually a surprise my BFF still sticking around me.We bicker all the time. But I’m glad they are around to knock some sense into me, though it can be painful most of the times for me when there fists talk but it’s better than when they use words as weapon.

You have no idea how scary they can be.